Addressed by his government name, Jazz is Founder and Co-Ceo of In-Tune. Hailing from New York, he represents Westchester County, New Rochelle and The Bronx. Being one of the creative minds, he is also an artist.  His skill set can be seen in his smooth flows and intuitive application of melodies and metaphors within his lyrics. He aims to display his creativity, ideas, and talent through In-Tune, which is truly “More Than What It Seems”.

“Attack At Every Angle”

Twitter: @CertifiedJazz

Instagram: @CertifiedJazz

SoundCloud: @CertifiedJazz


Jeffrey Destiné

Jeffrey Destinè, or G-Diddy to some, is the Co-CEO & artist for In-Tune Ent. As a New York Native by ways of New Rochelle, Jeff has made it his duty to make sure that every person knows not only what In-Tune does, but also represents. With the idea  “Through collaboration anything is possible”, Jeff seeks to make any and every positive connection which can produce mutual support towards In-Tune and other brands.

Twitter: @GDiddy210

Instagram: @GDiddy210

SoundCloud: @InTuneEnt



Deparis Banks

DeParis Banks aka Banco head of Intune Sports. Also my duties are networking, fashion, and promotion. I’m just here to support me & all my brothers dreams. As a collective we want to touch every part of the world & make a positive impact #InTuneWorldWide. God has a plan, and we have no other choice than to make it to the top. Hard work & dedication is going to get us there.

Twitter: @IBallsOut_Pause

Instagram: @BancoPopular

SoundCloud: @InTuneEnt


Free Goodes

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, now residing in Brooklyn, NY, The Goode Doctor, Willie B Goode (real name William Alexander) is a recording artist representing In Tune Entertainment. After starting a career in music at 21, the 24 year old quickly gained notoriety, opening up for acts like A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky & Ryan Leslie and gained a plethora of experience performing around NYC & Brooklyn.

On April 16, 2015 as apart of his #FreeGoodeFriday campaign, he released his first EP titled #FreeGoodes produced by childhood friend Joe Is Jova & the two are working on a yet to be titled follow up as well as his first full length album titled #SoFarSoGoode. He has also released a bevy a singles including hits like “Sunset Park” & “Big Ticket”.

B Goode’s unique hunger & story telling ability mesh well with his niche for crafting soulful hooks or what he likes to call, “soulful aggression”. “I knew In Tune was a great fit for me because it’s really deeper than music, we really all are like brothers. That type of bond & the support that we all offer one and other is rare to see. We have an opportunity to truly do something special here.”

Twitter: @WillieBGoode_
Instagram: @WillieBGoode
SoundCloud: @DamnThatBoyGoode



Rapp, or Rappboi some may call him, is from Central Islip, Long Island, New York and is a currently the newest addition to the In-Tune Collective. Having worked with Good Cooks on numerous records made the initiation to the collective that much smoother with already being familiar with it’s current In-Tune members. With the move, the motivated Rapp looks to lock in with his new In-Tune members to provide the listeners a new wave of rap music.

Twitter: @Fuckrapp_

Instagram: @Fuckrapp_

SoundCloud: Rapp Boi


Talent Harris

Talent Harris is a Suffolk County, Long Island native with some roots in Westchester’s Mount Vernon, NY where he met the core members of In-Tune. His creative outlets include rap, musical production, videography and comedy.


Twitter: @TalentHarris

Instagram: @TalentHarris

SoundCloud: @TalentHarris



Audio Engineer/Producer.

Twitter: @PaperPlanesPPJ

Instagram: @PaperPlanesPPJ

Soundcloud: @PaperPlaneJuan



Host of In-Tune's "The Champagne Room', a internet radio show that's live every Tuesday 7pm-9pm at

Twitter: @NewRoc_Niiddy

Instagram: @NewRoc_Niiddy


Dj Haze

In-Tune's official DJ. He provides the soundtrack for "The Champagne Room"  every Tuesday night 7pm-9pm. He's also the man behind New Rochelle's game night that goes down every Wednesday @ Mangoville 7-11pm.

instagram: @dj.haze361



Dalila has always used art as a way to escape her surroundings, one of them being Jewelry Design. What inspires her to design jewelry is the how easily a statement piece can bring to life a simple wardrobe. Being a minimalist herself, accessorizing is a big deal. Specializing in one-of-one pieces, her fervidness for creating exclusive jewelry is noted through each design.

Instagram: @AliladJewelry / @Dahlelaa



Josh Romero has been InTune since Day 1. He is the Modeling and Fashion Director of InTune. Born and raised out of Paterson New Jersey he made his way out of the hood to the neighboring suburb Wayne. Music, fashion, and art have always been something that influenced him. As time went on modeling and fashion became an addiction and added another dimension to the InTune family. Hence the phrase “Its More Than What it Seems”. In 2015 Josh decided to take on a new journey and expand the InTune movement in Miami, Florida. With his love for modeling and art he exhibits his talents and promotes InTune by creating art through the camera lens.

Instagram: @TheRealJoshRomero




A Producer & Rapper duo consisting of brothers Harrison Lopez (Producer) and Skywalker (Rapper). Young Ricans are based out of New York and have been a collaborative group for over 2 years, making original music and content from the instrumentals, to the lyrics performed, all the way to planning, shooting, and editing their own Music Videos. As part of In-Tune, the Young Ricans will have even more collaborations amongst the group through music and media, pushing forward the In-Tune brand using original content.

Twitter: @YoungRicanLopez / @YoungRicans

Instragram: @YoungRicanLopez / @RealLucasLopez

SoundCloud: @YoungRican


Kes Adjekus


Twitter: @KoolKalm_ndKes

Instagram: @koolkalm_ndkes



K’vaun also known as Charlie Thrush hailing from Bronx NY, is a 24 year old artist with a unique rap style. Influenced by hiphop Greats Jay-Z & Kanye West, 50 cent,amongst others, K credits “Blueprint”, College Dropout, and Get RIch or die trying” as pivotal albums in his childhood that sparked the love for actually wanting to put a pen to a pad. KVAUN’s wordplay and uncanny ability  to catch instrumentals on a awkward yet rhythmic pace clearly illustrates those influences. Motivated by providing a better life for his mother KVAUN is homing his skill, and looking to dive head first in with his debut project QOC slated for April. When asked what clique he reps, his answer was simply “The Lifelines” 

Instagram: @_kvaun_

Twitter: @Charlie_Thrush

SoundCloud: @Charlie-Thrush