Collective Effect

In-Tune: The Collective Effect

All aspiring for one common goal, In-Tune Entertainment acquire the components that prominently consider them a label.  Taking not only music but the culture itself to another level, the individuals of In-Tune Entertainment strive to make an everlasting imprint, ultimately exhibiting how creativity is limitless.  With unique approaches, each person displays their creative ability in an attempt to surpass the “status quo” and reach all ranges of audiences.

It has only been about a year since In-Tune has really pushed forth in creating a path for all creative outlets. Since then, they have built their movement from the ground up, branching out from New York to Miami and L.A.  Throughout that period of time, all production including music, videos, engineering/editing and fashion have been done all in-house. Many have contributed to help expand the movement but more importantly, the motivation and burning desire to succeed has led them to position themselves in a greater light.  All artist in any creative field are encouraged to contribute to the movement.  Please email: It’s More Than What It Seems

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